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Hey hey!

My name is Madison and I am a social media content creator and strategist currently based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Originally from Northern California, I grew up in the most creative household surrounded by Frank Sinatra records, easels and a never ending flow of paints, cameras, and sports. Lots and lots of sports. After moving out of California, I headed north to Idaho to finish out high school in a one stoplight town that revolved around one thing only-- those Friday night lights. Please note: When I say a one stoplight town I mean this town literally let people be late twice a year to work and school while they moved goats from one end of town to the next... *proceed* I went on to attend THE University of Idaho (go Vandals!) There, surrounded by hundreds of acres of wheat fields, an incredible community, a high school who trusted me to be a head softball coach, professors who mirrored Mr. Feeny, a lifetime's worth of snapping fingers in greek life (why couldn't we clap again?) and a below average football team with a mascot named Joe, I earned my degree in Broadcast and Digital media with an emphasis in creative writing and found my love for sports digital media.

I left college a semester early (finishing up online) to accept a marketing internship with the Tampa Bay Rays and a coinciding contract role with MLB Media. Absorbing all the content creating knowledge I could in an short eight months, I accepted another contract role back in the home state with NFL Media's HQ in Los Angeles. 

The NFL gave me the best, most valued eight months of learning all things social media strategy. Working with our 32 clubs was a highlight for this girl who knew nothing about football prior to the gig (does flag count?)

After my contract was up in Los Angeles I headed east a bit to the beautiful state of Colorado, taking another contract position for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee as a Social Media Content Creator. This was one of the most fun, most rewarding times of my career so far, not only creating content for all U.S. sports but traveling and learning the sports too! (Ask me anything about ice hockey, figure skating OR curling, I could write a book. No. Really.)

My goal over the past couple of years was to eventually return to my true passion, baseball. So when a social media role opened in Baltimore with the Orioles I knew it was the place to be. By the way, forget what you hear on the news, Baltimore is fab and the people are terrific. Next paragraph. 

What else? I shockingly do have other interests outside of sports. Quick blurb-- My favorite things outside of work include spending as much time as possible with family and friends, kayaking, spending the day at Cannon Beach and traveling. Oh also binge watching Grey's Anatomy, Friends (they were not on a break) and everyone's favorite, the Bachelorette. If I didn't work in sports I'd spend all of my time in a workshop or on site as a contractor/interior designer (perk of having a dad who grew up on a farm in Idaho who teaches you to build stuff and perk of having a mom who is equivalent to Miranda Priestly with all things design). If I could have dinner with one person alive-- Pete Souza. Dead? my baseball loving grandpa and favorite aunt. Favorite movies are Dead Poets Society, My Best Friend's Wedding (bless Gorgeous George), and About Time. My favorite book is The Last Lecture (read this if you want ugly tears while simultaneously laughing). Favorite quote is "We can't change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." Outside of my parents it's me, one 12-year-old golden retriever named Margaret Thatcher who is an actual angel on earth, one 2-year-old pup named Willie Nelson who I found while on a morning run in LA (please note my father named both) and two older superstar sisters (enter everyone's comment here: your poor dad).

I am so excited and eager to keep learning more about our digital space as it evolves by the minute, literally. Follow along as I continue to attempt to make really cool stuff that others will think is cool too and not just my mom!

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